Upsidedownland was a politically charged and intellectually fiery cultural art experiment. It began online and for the first time in America, becames a reality at Radius Gallery. Mohsin Shafi, Pakistan and Andrew Purchin, USA, met in a time of longing and loneliness in the digital cloud. Using video, painting, drawing, installation and performance these geographically, religiously and culturally opposed individuals will search for the antidote to the growing absurdity in our society and its ideologies. For four years, these two internationally accomplished artists communicated and created art online. Although their meeting in 2011 was random and unrehearsed, the development of their creative relationship and conversations was been very intentional with agenda: Use art to expose the dangers and clichés mobilized by nationalism's rise in Pakistan and America.

Mohsin Shafi left Pakistan for the first time in 2015 to join Andrew at Radius Gallery as an Artist in Residence to create a collaborative body of work. Artists led a workshop and exhibited their collaborative pieces at the end of their residency.