Curated by Rose Sellery

UnDressed explored the realm of apparel beyond the conventional limitations of fabric, needle and thread. Curious, intriguing, narrative garments and accessories that utilize traditional methods, as well as experimentation with unusual materials, tools and techniques to create surprising, witty and thought provoking conceptual pieces and installations.  As an innovative first, Radius Gallery is partnered with Pajaro Valley Arts Center over 40 artists (regional and international) share this exploration simultaneously at two venues. Curated by Rose Sellery.

EXHIBITORS: Renee Billingslea / Shelby Graham / Nina Falk / Tobin W. Keller / Charlotte Kruk /  Robin Lasser & Adrienne Pao /  Victoria May / Alison G. Pack / Roslyn Ritter / Dora Lisa Rosenbaum / Rose Sellery / Laura Stanziola / Lydia Tjioe Hall / Lynda Watson