Stephen Lynch (1958-2015) was an assemblage artist that lived and worked at the Tannery Art Center since its opening in 2009. He was an incredibly thoughtful person, a true collector, and maker. He called his studio and home “Raven’s Loft” and had decorated the outside with ravens and a sign. Friends and visitors would leave trinkets and poems with a similar theme at his door. 

Although Stephen lived in California for over three decades, he grew up in the Midwest. Stephen was an introspective, methodical and passionate creator. He was greatly influenced by his surroundings – both cultural and environmental. Through his work he explored the integration of science, religion and art. He loved using both natural and man-made found objects in his work, and was fond of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic – the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

Stephen Lynch Retrospective included his wall and pedestal works. Also on exhibition was an installation of “Raven's Loft” inviting the public to help complete 4 of Stephen’s in-process sculptures.

Stephen’s spirit leaves an indelible mark on the world he has left behind. In Stephen’s words, ”Life is like a tendril of smoke; it’s rich and wonderful in its form and movement. Then it dissipates and is gone.”