Marking Space and Time was exhibition of three artists that work with nature based materials to explore human interaction with place, timeless rhythmic energy, and stories of the cosmos in distinct ways, marking space and time.  

Bob Benson (Eureka), Becky Evans (Eureka), and John Hylton (Santa Cruz) all create art that responds to their personal connection with nature.  The scale is vast, the content is deep, and the materials are raw. Experiencing Marking Space and Time can feel quite sacred and otherworldly as one walks through the exhibit. Benson taught at College of the Redwoods for over 35 years and is a member of the Tsnungwe Tribe of the Trinity River region. His large-scale old growth redwood and fir sculptures are created from his experiences in the wild, working outdoors at carefully chosen sites, as a personal exploration of the natural world. Becky Evans, creates art with a narrative derived from her concern with water and the imagery she sees from human interaction with it. Dry Lake Prayer Rug is fired earth from a lakebed in a remote area of Oregon. The materials feel as sacred as Evans’ creative process.  John Hylton creates work that tells stories about man's understanding of the cosmos. The combination of life-sized carved animals from wood and other natural materials paired with large paintings evoke mystery and the profound feeling there is something larger than man.