Locally sourced


Michael Singer / Troy Stafford / Mark Yanowsky

An exhibition about time and place, home and domesticity – three artists use wood as the predominate material that is sourced from the area. Each one incredibly mindful of the material and how that material is revealed through art.

Michael (Mickey) Singer’s furniture is the perfect pairing of art and design. The surfaces are balanced, smooth, and polished – reminding viewers that utilitarian objects are allowed to be beautiful statement pieces. The landscape edge of “Walnut Bench” mimics that of Troy Stafford’s “Distance”. This is an entirely new body of work for Troy, sharing his affinity of found objects with contemplative art.  The poem carved in each piece holds viewers a moment longer, reminding us there is no need to rush. While Troy and Mickey rely heavily on the natural wood as the prominent surface, painter Mark Yanowsky lets the grain come through in a softer approach. Mark’s wood paneled paintings reflect our local landscape. Each painting is created specific to the sourced material and reveal time, weather, and story. All three artists are exhibiting at Radius for the first time.

Locally Sourced was curated by Ann Hazels and Carlos Dye