Intersection was an exhibition of two artists exploring the complexity of physical connections and emotional crossings. Peter Hiers (Monterey, CA) and Terese Garcia (Seaside, CA) are well-established artists that exhibit internationally. Radius Gallery paired the artists for Intersection in a first time show in Santa Cruz. Both use materials that are rough and real; the story is left for the viewer to decide.

Peter Hiers’ sculptures are overwhelming in scale and incorporate the intricate use of industrial materials and tire rubber.  The sophistication and simplicity of his compositions are quite provocative. Viewers immediately want to handle the work then are surprised that it is sharp, from the highway, and weighs anywhere from 80 to 200 pounds. Terese Garcia’s paintings are layered with story, sweat, meditation, and the occasional article of clothing. At first glance viewers are exposed to the wet-acrylic-process on boards cut by lines and color blocks intersecting the acrylic field.