in the industry

"In the Industry" connects five artists who balance a studio art practice and a professional position in the service industry. For many artists, working at a restaurant provides steady income, a flexible schedule, and a fast-paced environment that can spark creativity.

Photographer Poppy de Garmo’s images hold the moment, almost capturing the mystery and the undiscovered. Featured in the exhibition are larger-than-life portraits; the model staring deeply into our eyes with twinkle and history. The slow coast “Sliver” series also embraces a similar “hopeful” feel that the portraits do. All while taking photographs, Poppy worked at Skywalker Ranch (George Lucas’ creative complex), Bon Appetit Magazine, and various films that shot in San Francisco as a chef.

Showing for the first time in a gallery setting, Todd LeJeune presents abstract paintings on wood. His background in theater is revealed in the work. Big blocks of color and symbols present a narrative about place, one that could be interpreted as autobiographical. Five days a week Todd is full-time bartender at West End Tap Room and Kitchen.

During graduate school at UC Berkeley, Margitta Dietrick-Welsh served at the prestigious Chez Panisse. Her soft pastel waves fold in the roar and calm all at once. Her imagery is ungrounded, floating and surrounded by energy to emphasize the notion that things are always in a state of perpetual flux.

In response to the political climate and recognizing much of her restaurant “family” are immigrants, Felicia Gilman began making decals with statements such as “Immigrants Make America Great.” Her cut paper pieces are a voice for those who cannot speak freely. Felicia’s work captures an intimate connection with place and the relationships formed there. Most people know her from Ristorante Avanti and Linda’s Seabreeze.

The only Santa Cruz native in “In the Industry”, Cameron Lacki, is fully immersed in local culture. He is very much influenced the outside world, an avid traveler, and can accomplish any water activity that Santa Cruz is known for. Cameron’s canvases are large-scale and explore focused chaos. There is a sophistication and delicacy to his paintings that align with Oswald, where he bartended for several years.

Curated by Ann Hazels

On exhibition August 16 – September, 2018

Artists Talk: Sunday, September 9, 2:00pm