Great American Mug Show


Great American Mug Show : A Love Story is an exhibition celebrating the potter and includes the work of 60 artists from all over America, including professional potters, college professors, students, and emerging mug makers. 


Clay is a medium that transcends class, gender and age. The mug is the symbol of the American Potter. The everyday worker starts his day holding a vessel containing something warm. Parents still use mugs that were gifted from their children’s clay project. Cups, teabowls, and mugs are a friendly exchange among potters, a kind gesture to a fellow craftsman to share one’s concept.



Design and function are key aspects of a mug. Whether for coffee or tea, with a saucer or without, or simply a handleless cup, form will dictate utility.  A mug is an intimate object – each user develops a personal relationship.  Additionally, this vessel is a saleable item that every American collects and uses and it is often the largest selling item for production potters, keeping many in business year after year.

 Artists are from California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, and Washington. From the region: Aptos, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon, Corralitos, La Selva Beach, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Pascadero, Nevada City, and 6 Tannery artists.

Adrian, Alex Prikazsky, Andrea Amoedo, Ann Hazels, Ann Ryals, Ben Carter, Bernard, Beth Allison Gripenstraw, Bill Thompson, Bonnie Gutierrez, Brunella Deeds, Camp Climax Pottery, Cara Byrd, Carol Eddy, Carolyn Lee, Chad Enus, Cynthia Siegel, Dan Hennig, Daniel Velasques, Daria Salus, Diane Baxter, Diana Weber, Down to Earth Pottery, Gabe Herz, Geoff Nicastro, Herr Dye Pottery, Honora Bacon, Isabel Gilman, Iver Hennig, Jake Boggs, Jane Reyes, Jason Sanovich, Jasper Marino, Jennifer Hennig, Jewel Rogers, Joe Amaral, Joel Magen, John Bolles, John Taylor, Juan Ramon Gimeno, Katherine Heicksen, Laurie Hennig, Lindsay Johnson, Liz Crain, Maren Sinclair Hurn, Mary Donovan, Mary Louise Carter, Matt Hyleck, Matt Lezin, Mattie Leeds, Michelle Johnston, Mika Younce, Nan Beltram, Nancy Niles, Nora Sarkissian, Paige Wilder, Pete Saporito, Pickle PotteryRoy Holmberg, Sam Clarkson, Santa Cruz Pottery, Kevin &Nina Wahl, Sara Huckabone, Steven Corona, Sunny Haughey, Susan von Schmacht, Suzie-Q, Travis John Adams, T & T Colab, The Firing Squad, Victoria Thompson, Walker Rowe, Yumiko Aso 


Thank you to Gael Ales, LLC and Brews of Santa Cruz.

Special thanks to Jerk Alert for a performance we will never forget!