At Bay represented how space, geography, and environment influence one’s sense of self. Ann Hazels explored the concept that something so boundless can feel incredibly close and personal.  The sculptures and installations explored the vastness of depth – the dichotomy of standing in an open space, yet capturing a feeling of intimacy. To keep at bay holds something, or someone, at a distance.  These lines are not severed; whatever is on the end is still within sight, and in thought, emotion, and lingering, nearby.  

Hazels played with elemental themes – prominent with water – to draw the parallel of a thirst needing to be quenched.  Architectural components such as the bridge and industrial pipes were used to convey connection and line. A line represented a thread of conversation, the fluidity of sound and voice, and a continuum. Her work in multiples shows the impact of time and the significance of numbers. The place where the land touched the sea or the area between the fog and the sky, created a limitless horizon.