2018 Exhibitions

Bit By Bit

The art of Bean Finneran moves us through wonderment, a visual poetry without words. Much like listening to grass blow in the wind or watching sea life pulse in water, you feel a stillness inside you as you witness everything move around you. Her forms suggest fragments of a conversation, sound bites from nature, or layering of language. Upon construction (and deconstruction) you experience the musicality of the work, clay tinking and sliding gently to create forms that reference the vocabularies of geometry and organized chaos. Each sculpture is composed of thousands of handmade ceramic elements, placed one by one, with the shape determined as space and form speak to the artist – no single piece is the same. 

Kinetic Parade
Winners of Ebb & Flow

Arts Council Santa Cruz County partnered with several businesses (including Radius Gallery) to execute Ebb & Flow.  The initiative...



A Specific Weakness

(Sculptural Works of Glenn Carter)

The artwork of Glenn Carter takes you into another world, one that is ancient and perhaps lives in the vastness of the sky or even underground. The experience can be religiously musical - like listening to graceful chants of a foreign language, laced...

Stephen Lynch


Stephen Lynch (1958-2015) was an assemblage artist that lived and worked at the Tannery Art Center since its opening in 2009. He was an incredibly thoughtful person...


(Moshin Shafi, Andrew Purchin)

Upsidedownland was a politically charged and intellectually fiery cultural art experiment. It began online and for the first time in America, becames a reality at Radius Gallery. Mohsin Shafi, Pakistan and Andrew Purchin, USA, met in...


(Bob Benson, Becky Evans, John Hylton)

Marking Space and Time was exhibition of three artists that work with nature based materials to explore human interaction with place, timeless rhythmic energy, and stories of the cosmos in distinct ways, marking space and time.